[Clothing] Britney's Athletic Shirt

Hello... it's me! ♪♫ XD I missed you guys. I've been a little busy. A few weeks ago I made a Britney Spears' athletic shirt from this picture on her Instagram profile. I tried (very hard) make a decent mesh for this clothing, so forgive me if it isn't perfect and it isn't.
P.s.: The phrase in these shirts is a little "warped" because of the mesh, the breast definition, but it is okay. If it was for male sim, it would be normal, I see.

And thanks to my dear friend simplysickandtired for supporting me to create this. #itsbritneybitch XD  

And this is my last creation for 2015. I hope bring new and awesome and better creations for you in 2016. See y'all next year! LOL XD

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