[Pose] Soulmate Selfie Pose Pack - Set 4

Well, this is my LAST selfie pack for couple (HALLELUJAH!) but for now. (LOL) I'll bring a portrait version of all my selfie poses for couple and believe me: They are better than selfie version.
This set would be the third pack, but I had to do some fixes and I decided to publish the fourth set as the third set. Anyway, I'd like to say that the currently third pack is still better than all previous ones and better than this current one. XD

Pose Player
Teleport Any Sim mod

*There are 3 couple pose

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  1. Yo tengo una pregunta. How do you get them to pose perfectly? I am pulling my hair out trying to align them just so and I cant get them to pose together no matter what I do! Please give me guidance.

    1. Hey, Kiley! Did you mean in game? If yes, you have to use the teleport any sim mod. It is a statue. You find in buying mode. You buy and put two statues at same place,in other words, one into other, doing two statues as one. So you'll go to simulation mode, click on the statue e and choose the option teleport, choose the sim, then click on the second statue and do the same. Now you put them to pose.