[Pose] Soulmate Portrait Pose Pack - Set 1

Hey guys! Finally I'm bringing my selfie pose for couple as portrait poses. Well, the first and third pair are from my last family pack. I adjusted them for this pack and for the first selfie pack for couple.
I had to fix a lot things and now it is really done. I hope y'all appreciate it.

*There are 3 pairs of poses.

Pose Player
Teleport Any Sim mod.

Here is into Blender.

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  1. Mais um belo trabalho!!
    Como sempre já está no meu jogo! kkkkk

  2. Love the pose set, but hate shorte. It's try to give me shit in my computer as do the adfly so don't even consider to use that too. If you want money for your work, put donation button in your site. If people want to give money to you they do that. Just don't use shit like shorte and adlfy because those really can destroy computer. And before you start tho whining about not using safty programs, then yes, I do use them, thoug shorte and adfly dosent cooperate whit adblock and similar stuff and I'd like to use adblock because I don't want to see any ads. Oh and by to way some of the shorte's and adfly's ads are adults stuff. You should understand that here is also (not me) minors who's downloads your stuff so it's really irresponsible risking their computers and exposing them to adult content. I'm very sorry that I have to say this, but there is lot of people who doesn't understand or don't want to understand how much trouble these shorte and adfly bring and forget that downloaders are of all ages, not just the adults and some even not so inexperienced so it's really stupid dangered to their computers for a small amount of money, especially when there are a lot more user-friendly alternatives that can also get the money (the donation button I suggested). Oh yes and I recommend using the simfileshare. Easy to use and no ads. Oh and sorry if there is typos and sorry about my english, it just not my homelanguage.

    1. You're absolutely right Yavanna! It's a pity, because it really is a very sweet pose set. But I will refrain, because of this short.est crap. Wanted to have it necessarily and let it extra pause my adblocker. The result was that some fake warning paralyzed my entire PC, I could not do anything except push the reset button.

    2. Hey, Yavanna! I know what you mean about those shorteners. Few people have told me about it. (I think it was 5 with you and Annigo). That's why I didn't see "so much trouble". But when they tell me that they can't download, I sent the direct link.
      But for this reason I'm already preparing my Patreon for that. It is laborious making these stuff for game and publishing for free when I could be doing something worthwhile for myself.
      I use Google Drive for hosting my files and there's no ads in it.

  3. Absolutely fantastic poses. They are so expressive. I can feel so much feelings from them! Great work!

    1. Hey, Shay! I'm always trying to make the best. Thank you very much! <3

  4. Love your work but won't allow me to download. Moving on.