[Community Lot] The Sand Bar Restaurant

Hello guys! Did you miss me? I've been really - REALLY - absent, right? y last post here was on November 18, 2018. My 2019 was my last year in college, so... very busy! But I've also been playing other games, I lost my stuff in my SSD (including unreleased stuff to Sims 4 and my save games, my sims as well), writing fanfictions, watching to sitcoms and movies... That's why I was totally far away from here. So... what I've missed in Sims world too?

Well, I'm playing a lot again and I couldn't imagine how much fun I could have another time, like 10 years ago with The Sims 3. So my Sim owns a new restaurant in Sulani (he lives there) and I decided to remake The Sand Bar as restaurant. This is my first lot ever ever ever for Sims 4 that I'm publishing here, although I haven't built it, lol







About the lot:
• Community
• 30x20
• § 38.087
• EP07 and GP03

P.s.: Extract the .rar and move the files to Tray folder in your game.

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